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Biohazard & Sanitisation Cleaning

We have a specialist team that are experienced biohazard cleaners offering professional cleaning and disinfecting for commercial and domestic clients. We ensure your property is fully decontaminated from biohazards such as bodily fluids, blood, faeces, bacteria or viruses that could pose a risk to health. Our team have been fully trained and we use the correct and recommended quality products and equipment.

We are licenced waste carriers and our cleaners are trained and experienced in safely removing, decontaminating and disposing of materials and waste in an efficient and professional manner.


Thermo Fogging Service

Our Covid certified team can rapidly sanitise using the latest technology with Thermo fogging systems, steam cleaners, and Anti-viral disinfectant spraying. We us laboratory tested solutions that are suitable for use in food preparation areas and staff areas as well as being safe for use in office spaces and call centre environments containing electrical equipment.


Our team wear the appropriate and relevant PPE: protective clothing, goggles, face and shoe coverings to keep themselves and our clients safe.


We typically provide thermo fogging & sanitisation cleaning to residential houses or commercial premises, such as:

  • Retail units & Shops

  • Offices & Call centres

  • Schools & Nurseries

  • Gyms

  • Prisons

  • Veterinary practices

  • Medical Establishments and Hospitals

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